Abouthom.es Girls: Lesley on Spring and Motivation

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Thursdays are my turn to chat with the Abouthom.es Girls and today I chatted about the course I am taking, Brian Buffini’s Peak Producers, spring and finding motivation.  My friend, Lisa Oden, asked me about when we plant seeds in Western MA and as I watched her video and glanced out of the window, I saw snow falling.

What you may not know is that Lisa is from Georgia and has been complaining about the cold….hmmmm.


This morning started with my Peak Producers training class at Park Square Realty.  I am really enjoying this class because it is helping me to get back to some basics, get organized and get motivated.  My friend Claire started us off with a “top of the mornin to ya” and we all gave a shout out to the good life.


Part of Buffini’s reminders are to visit clients and friends and I had already made up some cute little garden gifts that I want to deliver  before my friend Lisa asked about spring.  Watch my short video to see my little present and if you live in Western MA and want me to deliver a gift (and maybe have some lunch?) give me a shout out and I will make it happen!

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