Are you paying too much for your Western MA property taxes?

are you paying too much for your western ma property taxes?As a real estate agent in Western MA, I get asked about property values and high assessments all the time.

Today while watching MassAppeal on WWLP to see my sweetie discuss PodCamp Western MA the segment before his caught my eye.

A local attorney, Patricia Quintilian of Williamsburg, MA was speaking about her personal experience with over valuation for taxes and the process for getting her value resolved to obtain a reasonable tax value.

She has written a book, Are You Getting Screwed on Your Property Taxes? to help others resolve their home assessment issues in Western Massachusetts and beyond.  There is a very comprehensive website that accompanies the book with lots of great advice, too.

If you are unsure about your home’s current value and how it stacks against your tax evaluation, I would be happy to provide you with a free market report.  Simply fill out the form below and I will take care of it for you.


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  1. Noticed your property taxes going up while the property value has stayed the same? Well your not alone. Residents all over the country have been noticing hikes in property taxes without a hike in their property’s value. “Are you getting screwed on your property taxes?” by Patricia Quintilian is a book dedicated to educating her readers about the ins and outs of how your property is assessed and taxed. Also she lays out a simple step by step plan for how to appeal your property taxes if need be. For more information about the book or property taxes in general please visit

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