Auto DMs on Twitter?

A fellow Western MA business person sent me an automated response via direct message on Twitter yesterday. This is a practice that I really dislike and shared my opinion with the person.

It got me to thinking, I wonder what other people think of automated DM’s?

Well, what do you think?

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3 Responses to Auto DMs on Twitter?

  1. Lesley, thank you for posting this. I HATE them! They are irritating, and I tend to ignore them, and then I get one that was not automated and is truly important and I miss it in the sea of automated responses. Twitter should ban them!

  2. Lesley, I’ve come to accept them as an ongoing thing with Twitter. it’s usually not a deal breaker for me in following them. If I think they’ll have good updates, I’ll follow them. But when it’s not personal and especially if they send me to a “video thanks,” it’s pretty self-obsessed to me. 🙂

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