Do’s and Don’ts for Home Buyer’s Mortgage Process

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If you are buying a home, most likely you will be applying for a mortgage.  The process of getting approved for a mortgage is a delicate and very careful thing and home buyers need to be aware of the Do’s and Dont’s.

Russ Poe, mortgage officer for Top Flite Financial 413-241-6940 shared this helpful list.  There are several things that he stresses importance upon so that the mortgage process can go as smoothly as possible.





  • Continue to make all loan/credit card payments on time
  • Continue to make rent/mortgage payments on time
  • Continue to maintain good employment history
  • Continue to work at least your normal work hours


  • Any gift cannot be in the form of cash
  • Do not change jobs or leave your present employment
  • Do not make any large deposits to your bank account that are not regular payroll deposits
  • Do not open any new credit cards unless advised to do so by your mortgage officer
  • Do not make any cash advances on your credit cards
  • Do not charge any more on your credit cards than currently there
  • Do not finance or lease a new car
  • Do not overdraw your checking account or bounce checks
  • Do not take out any loans of any kind
  • Do not consign a loan for another person

If you are considering buying a home, I hope you found this list helpful.  I would love to help you in your home search!

Lesley Lambert, Western MA REALTOR with Park Square Realty 413-575-3611

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