Find Out Why He Has Worked With Me on 7 Transactions – Testimonial for Lesley Lambert, Western MA Realtor

Lesley Lambert, Western MA REALTORA few years ago I went on a listing appointment with Stephen Foster. He had a house that he had renovated that had been on the market for six months without selling.

If you are going to “flip” houses there are a few key elements:
1- price it right
2- don’t over improve
3- watch the style of the improvements
4- get a full marketing plan
5- be aggressive

Stephen was frustrated. He wasn’t getting the advise he needed to get this home sold. He hired me, I told him the truth about the house and we got it sold quickly. Following that transaction, we have had six consecutive sales and another due to close next week.

Stephen does a great job with these homes. Each home he renovates, I want to move into. They are all lovely and well appointed and all of them appreciated by the buying market.

It is my total pleasure to work with Stephen, not only is he a great guy who does wonderful work, he is kind and funny and loyal. I try to repay that loyalty with only the best I have to offer. I work hard for Stephen, doing a lot of research and marketing for him that another agent may not even know how to do.

It is my job to ensure that Stephen and I continue to work together on these types of sales until one of us retires.

If you are in the market to buy a home to improve and resell in Western MA please let me know. Lesley Lambert, Park Square Realty.

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