“I Hate Doing Real Estate Without An Agent”

“I Hate Doing Real Estate Without An Agent”

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This was a quote from one of my clients today as he related a story of a small family sale that is being transacted privately.  I told him that I applauded his sentiment, but was curious as to what made him say that.

His response was direct…it is a pain to keep track of all the little details.

I joked with him that my day was made up of a million little details and that it can be a pain sometimes, but a good real estate agent has systems in place to help them deal with it.

I am a very organized REALTOR, I have to be…I don’t have time for disorganization and I need to be efficient and effective for my clients.  One tool that I referenced as a lifesaver in my career was DropBox.  With the help of this cloud filing system, I have my paperwork with me at all times, literally in the palm of my hand on my iPhone.  If a client, attorney of lender needs something from me, I can accomplish their request instantly and that saves me from having to remember to do it later (which is not an effective system for me at all).

There are a number of other tools that I utilize that help me to deal with the fine details of a real estate transaction.  I am glad to know that there are clients out there who recognize the need for the assistance of an agent!  There are a lot of reasons besides organizing a transaction that you want a good real estate agent on your team.

If you are in Western Massachusetts and need an organized, experience real estate agent to help you with the purchase or sale of a home, I hope you will give me the chance to try for the position!

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