PodCamp Western MA 5? How can this be my FIFTH?

Podcamp WesternMA 021 - Copy
Podcamp WesternMA 021 – Copy (Photo credit: LesleyLambert)
#pcwm (Photo credit: LesleyLambert)

In several weeks I will attend my favorite social media event of the year: 

PodCamp Western MA.

I am stunned to contemplate that it is my fifth time attending this event, it seems incredible that It can be so many years since my first.


Here is a list of my previous experiences:


Whether you take the time to read all of these posts or not, I hope you will appreciate my fervor for this event is not exclusive.  There are so many other people that I have met and befriended who feel the same way, which is really the greatest part of the function.

Podcamp WesternMA 025
Podcamp WesternMA 025 (Photo credit: LesleyLambert)
Steve and Mo
Steve and Mo (Photo credit: mmpartee)

If you have never been to an un-conference event before, then you owe it to yourself to make this your first.   If you have, then you owe it to yourself AND all the other attendees to come and share!  These events are only as good as the people who show up and decide to open up their expertise and learning with others who crave the same learning.

Some of my favorite moments at PodCamps have been totally spontaneous and exciting because of the unplanned nature of the sessions.  We won’t spend much time laboring over slide shows (although there may be some), but you can bet that we will have a lot of question and answers and open circle discussions.   There will be laughter, eye-opening learning and networking of the very best kind.

We are blessed here in Western Massachusetts to have this simmering little hot bed of technology lovers (geeks) who really love to get out in the late winter and share, share, share!


Don’t miss out on what is truly the most special social media event of the year!  You can follow the fun on Twitter with the hashtag #pcwm5.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention to you kind readers that PodCamp Western MA was a pivotal event for me since the start.  I met two friends who ended up being very close friends and associates at the first event, not to mention Morriss (my boyfriend of going on 4 years) and so many special friends.  I can’t wait to see who I will meet this year (hopefully YOU!).

Don’t forget to add a sign up for the after party at Slainte’ in Holyoke which is sponsored by YOURS TRULY, Julianne Krutka and Ted Cassell of Park Square Realty!

@pcwm begins! Yay PodCamp!
@pcwm begins! Yay PodCamp! (Photo credit: LesleyLambert)
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