REALTORS using Social Media to Grow Their Business

Realtors®, in Western MA and around the country, continue to use technology to keep in touch with their clients and build business, but not all real estate agents use it to the maximum effect.

NAR’s Center for Realtor® Technology recently released a
survey detailing just how Realtors® stay connected. The 2011 REALTOR Technology Survey Report revealed the most valuable tools Realtors® used over the past year; these included tablets like the iPad and Galaxy tablet. I am using the iPad to work on the fly, sign documents, make presentations and I can’t imagine doing my job without one, now!

These products were found to keep respondents connected, save time
and increase productivity. Realtors® also reported using
Smartphones frequently. Currently 35 percent own an Android
smartphone, followed by 28 percent who own the iPhone and
18 percent who own a Blackberry. I switched from a Blackberry to the iPhone and never looked back. The connectivity and sheer power of the applications on the iPhone make it the hands down best purchase in my business.

These physical tools combined with my use of social networks and my blog have changed the way that I find clients (or should I say my clients find me) and the way I communicate. I am now available to clients in whatever medium they prefer: phone, text, email, tweet, facebook message, skype, etc.

This allows me to be available more often to more people and to better service clients who might not live in the immediate area or who, like me, have an insane and tight schedule.

This year Park Square Realty recognized my efforts in using the internet and social media to grow my business by pronouncing me a Master of Social Media.

I don’t know about Master…it changes too often to really master it, but I am a pretty advanced explorer!

If you want to find me, I use my name (Lesley Lambert) as my profile name on all platforms. Google my name and you should get more than you asked for (I hope it is all good!).

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