Selling Your Western MA Home During The Holidays

Many Western Massachusetts home owners ask this question at this time of year, “Should I sell my home during the holidays?”.

I hosted a poll on Facebook to get answers from the crowd as to whether they would sell their home during the holidays and also, whether they preferred simple or elaborate holiday decorations.

The answers were split as to whether they would or would not sell, but the decorations question was a resounding, SIMPLE!

My co-host Nick and I discussed the process of selling your home during the holidays on the most recent edition of TREW (The Real Estate Wrapup):

REALTOR.ORG has a wonderful Field Guide to Selling or Buying a Home During the Holidays with some extensive links to review if you are weighing this option.

Here are my pros and cons to selling your Western Massachusetts home during the holidays:

buyers that are looking are motivated
less inventory
Buying is emotional , what better time of year to make people feel special in the home?

entertaining schedules and showing schedules
Crowded decor

If you are looking for some unique decorating ideas for your mantel or staircase there are some wonderful ideas to be found. I really liked the mantel decorations on this site and thought the staircase ideas offered in this video were unique.

Thank you to Marlene Goldstein, Kathy Rocco, Lisa Oden, Christine Pilch Mancini and Diane Guercio for their input to my Facebook poll…you ladies rock!

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