Senior Citizen Downsizing a home in Western MA? Help is Here.

Making the decision as a senior citizen who is downsizing or assisting your aging parents with their life decisions is stressful, but having an empathetic and experienced team in place can help everyone deal with this transition.

There is a series of posts on that you can review before making your decisions.

I wrote some tips to consider before you sell your parent’s home.

Loan officer, Joni Miller, shares the point of view of a loan officer helping with mortgage decisions for an aging parent.

Attorney Sarah Miller shares some important thoughts from a legal standpoint when making decisions as an elderly or senior citizen who is making a move from the family home.

Each of us has experience in assisting Western MA families with the transition of downsizing from the family home to an alternative such as: nursing home, apartment, assisted living, smaller home, condominium and more.

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