Starting off the day with the words “Western MA Short Sale Approved”!

Getting a home sold in Western MA using a short sale can be a very time consuming and difficult thing, but with the right team in place, it can be done!

This morning I had a message from my short sale attorney’s office to tell me that another one of my short sale listings is approved for sale. This is great news for everyone involved: the seller will walk away with no debt and even a bit of money to secure an apartment, the buyer will get an affordable home to build equity, the neighbors get a revitalized home in their neighborhood which improves the home values and I get to know that I was able to help another person avoid foreclosure (yes, and a commission check, but that is secondary to me).

If you know someone who owes more than their Western Massachusetts home is worth and needs to make a move, let me know- I can help.  I have a decade of short sale experience and I have the right team in place to make sure the sale gets done properly with full protections to the seller.short sale in Western MA

Did you know that depending on your type of mortgage, if you work with an inexperienced agent and get your home listed before working with your lender that you could forfeit thousands of dollars in relocation funding?  That’s right…certain lenders will give you relocation money at the closing of your short sale, but ONLY if you work in the right order.  Working with an agent that isn’t well versed in how short sales work could actually cost you money.

Did you also know that hiring me to work as your short sale agent costs you, the homeowner, nothing?  That’s right, all fees due to the short sale team of realtor and attorney are paid through the lender’s short sale package.

There is a lot to know about short sales…why not call the area expert?

Lesley Lambert, Short Sale Expert in Western MA at Park Square Realty 413-575-3611

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