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So months ago I decided to launch a podcast and recorded several editions and then hit a hiccup when I couldn’t seem to get iTunes to pull the feed.  I spent a lot of frustrating time emailing the iTunes help and then when I couldn’t parse what the heck they were telling me, I decided I should give up and go sell a house.

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting
The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fast forward to this past weekend.  I am on vacation and for some reason I decide to Google myself (it only tickles a little).  Lo and behold, smack in the middle of page one is my iTunes channel for the podcast I had given up on!  Apparently at some point the feed was approved and either I missed the email from iTunes, or they didn’t send one.

So, now that there is an actual way for you to subscribe, I have added a new podcast today to the several that were previously recorded and I plan to add content regularly.


These are short (three minutes or less) little slices of my perspective, insight and advice in real estate in Western Massachusetts and beyond.  I hope you will subscribe, listen and give me feedback…what topics are you interested in?

You can also listen to the newest episode right here:



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