The BEST Testimonial video ever! My buyer client made me teary with this one.

I work hard for my clients, but don't take my word on it.  Listen to my buyer Roy tell you in his own words what he thought of working with me to buy his home in Southwick, MA 01077 .  Lesley Lambert, Realtor with Park Square Realty. I met Roy and Jen quite awhile ago to show them a house.

We hit it off right away and had some fun with the difficulty of getting inside the house. They had a great sense of humor and were very excited about the prospect of moving from renting to owning their own home.

Upon sending them for a pre-approval for a mortgage we discovered that they didn’t qualify for a loan. Not because of bad credit, but rather because of NO credit. The mortgage officer, Joni Miller with First Niagra Bank, did some credit counseling with them and I stayed in touch over the course of time. After some time Joni checked their credit and was thrilled to tell them that they were well qualified to purchase.

Off we went on our shopping adventures, looking at homes for sale in Westfield and Southwick. Along the way they chose a ranch in Southwick and we began the buying process.

Of course, there were hiccups along the way (what real estate transaction doesn’t have some?) and Roy and Jen worked with Joni, myself and their attorney, Tracie Kester to get them resolved.

Today, I am thrilled to be celebrating the closing on

their first home!

Roy was kind enough to give me a video testimonial to share with you. It is less than a minute long and I really hope you will watch the whole thing because I think his emotions are so plain and I am really proud of what he had to say.

Roy, may you and Jen have many years of happiness in your new home and I can’t wait to be invited over to see how it all turned out!

I wouldn’t be able to share a happy ending like this without the teamwork of a lot of people. I want to take this opportunity to thank my manager, Barry Boccasile, the buyer’s attorney Tracie Kester and the lender, Joni Miller. It took all of our hard work to get to this day and Roy isn’t the only one that appreciates you!

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