The Spring Real Estate Market is Already in BLOOM in Westfield, MA!

Painted flowers in the snow outside Park Square Realty in Westfield, MA The weather over the past month in Western MA has been getting a lot of people down.  It is difficult to stay positive when it keeps snowing and temperatures are at an all time low, but I was inspired to try to turn a positive spin on the looming snow banks in Westfield, MA!

Armed with spray bottles and food colored water, my friend Julianne Krutka and I headed out the front doors of Park Square Realty to spread a little spring cheer to the residents of Westfield, MA!

Julianne Krutka and Lesley Lambert painting the snow at Park Square Realty

Lesley Lambert, Westfield REALTOR painting flowers in the snowbanks in front of Park Square Realty










I decided to issue a challenge to the residents and business owners of Westfield to get them involved.  Here is my video throwing down the gauntlet:

Within a couple of hours residents started posting their artwork:

Westfield resident Danny Nelson's artwork in the snow.
Westfield resident Danny Nelson’s artwork in the snow.
Dawn Medeiro's flowers at her picket fence in Westfield, MA
Dawn Medeiro’s flowers at her picket fence in Westfield, MA


Elizabeth Fortier-Lyman rainbow in snow
Elizabeth Fortier-Lyman rainbow in snow



Jennifer Kos tulips in snow
Jennifer Kos tulips in snow
















This was a fun way to spend some time outdoors on a sunny winter day.  Let me know if you get inspired to create some spring artwork in the snow!

If you want to join the Westfield Community Forum on Facebook and post your pictures THIS IS THE LINK.


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