Think you should wait until Spring to sell your Western MA house? WRONG!

Here we are in the thick of winter, end of January with a couple more months of cold ahead of us in Western MA. You may be considering selling your house and are thinking to yourself that you want to wait for Spring because that is the best time to sell your home.

Well, you are wrong.

Now, if you can’t get your house ready for the market until Spring, then that is an issue and Spring will be the right time for you, BUT if your house is ready to go now then NOW is the best time!

In this Facebook Live video from earlier today I go into detail as to why now is the best time to sell your Western MA home:

If you are considering the idea of making a move, let’s get together to chat about the process. Meeting with me is painless and free and I love sharing my nearly 30 years of expertise with people!  Get in touch-

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