Western MA: Park Square Realty has Good Real Estate Market News!

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Western Massachusetts, here is some good real estate news!

Based on Park Square Realty’s Showdesk Tracking, during the same 3 month period from 2010 and 2011:

2011 showed 22 more pending sales (+ 61.1% increase).

This year, we had 262 fewer recorded showings on Park Square listings (40.4% decrease).. This means that we are experiencing less showings yet more sales.

The average Sale Price of a home represented by Park Square Realty in Western Massachusetts is up from $153,750 (in 2010) to $ 192,927 (in 2011) which is a 25.5% increase.


Things are getting better in the Western MA real estate market!

– More Park Square Listings are selling… (great sign)

– Less Showings yet More Sales – this means buyers are buying quicker… (great sign)

– Average Sale Price is up 25.5%… (great sign)

This also means that it’s a really great time to put your house on the market (inventory is down and buyers are buying).

There is a basic SUPPLY & DEMAND issue… Less Supply = More Demand and the home sellers that move fast will be the ones to capture the market.

If you are thinking of selling your Western MA home, I hope you will give me an opportunity to interview for the job.

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