Westfield’s Park of Honor – Celebrating Veterans Day and Beyond

Today I toured Westfield’s Park of Honor located on the front lawn of Westfield’s South Middle School.

The Park of Honor is an event hosted by The Kiwanis Club of Westfield in honor of members of the Armed Forces, Veterans, Law Enforcement officers, Fire Fighters and First Responders.

Flags are sponsored by members of the community in honor or memory of someone they choose and those flags (over 150!) and their markers are presented through the month of November as a reminder to all of us the debt of gratitude we have to these fine individuals and organizations.

The funds raised will go towards scholarships for the children and grandchildren of those honored.

Here is a short video tour that I made today at the installation. I hope you will be inspired to go visit or at least drive by this powerful demonstration of appreciation.

Special thanks to Kiwanian Kellie Brown who organized this great event. As a fellow Kiwanian, I was proud to purchase several flags in honor of important people, but the one that meant the most to me was the one I purchased in memory of my dear friend, Michael Andrews. Mike was a Sgt. in the Massachusetts State Police. This lovely person represented everything a good person could want to be. He was kind, generous, brave, loyal, hard working loving and especially a ton of fun! I am so glad that his wife and daughter were able to attend the opening ceremony and see his flag (which happens to be right in the front!). I love you Mike.

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