Antique Homes for Sale in Western MA and Beyond

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I am a huge fan of historical and antique homes in Western Massachusetts and beyond.  I love visiting them, driving by them and representing them as a REALTOR.

On the latest edition of TREW (The Real Estate Wrapup) my co-host, Nick, and I discuss antique and historic homes.  The first segment was about two very different historic homes for sale.  One for $2 and the other for over four million dollars!

We went on to talk about the need for specialized marketing when selling an antique or historic home.  We both agreed that the advertising should tell the story of this home, not just the square footage and other normal details.

Financing can also be an issue with buying and selling a historic home in Western MA or anywhere.  We discussed some options that potential antique homebuyers might not have considered, but should.

Are you interested in historic and antique property, too?  Be sure to watch The Antique Home Edition of the TREW Show.

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