On using Periscope for a virtual open house in Western MA – Lesley Lambert, Western MA REALTOR

open houseSometimes we host an open house and for whatever reason, it is a bust. Either no one shows up or very few people do and you are left sitting there for a couple of hours with not much to do.

How do you fill that time? Real a book, play on Facebook, wander about, call a friend? Yesterday I had a slow open house and decided to use my time to develop some new marketing and allow people to view the house without attending.

I hosted a virtual open house using the video app, Periscope, to give the home exposure to a wider audience. Periscope is a video sharing app that is connected to Twitter.  When you start a Periscope feed it creates a tweet that alerts people what you are sharing.  I used the #westernma hashtag to make sure that people in my area saw the post, as well.  At one point I had over 45 viewers of the feed.  Granted many of them were not from this area, but several were and were asking me questions about the house.  Even if none of these people buy the property, I am using my open house time to market my skills to my followers in Western MA.

Here is one of the videos from that experiment:

If you want a Western MA REALTOR who is innovative and aggressive in getting homes full marketing exposure then – CALL ME!  Lesley Lambert, Western MA REALTOR with Park Square Realty 413-575-3611.

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