The Real Estate Wrapup: The TREW Show

I announced before that I was excited to be co-hosting the TREW Show on the Businews Channel.  Now I am excited to announce that the first episode is LIVE and ready for you to watch!


TREW will be a 15-20 minute webisode each week with several segments such as: Fix it or Forget It, Current Events, Stressed and Distressed, Spotlight Home and many more!

My co-host, Nick Gelfand, and I are looking for questions from our views that we can address on our show.  If you have a real estate related question that you would like me to answer on the TREW Show, you can either leave it as a comment on this post, or click the green “contact me” button to email me.

I hope you have a minute to watch and share the show with anyone you know who might be interested in good real estate information!

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