Why I like working on short sales in Western Massachusetts by Lesley Lambert, Short Sale Specialist

Got another one done! #westernma #westfield

It is unfortunate that short sales are still a part of our day to day life in Western Massachusetts real estate, but a fact that cannot be denied.

Working on short sales is difficult for a number of reasons:

– the emotions of the seller are exposed and high
– the homes usually need work and/or have been abandoned
– the negotiations have added levels of legality
– the process takes much longer
– many cooperating agents (representing buyers) do not have a lot of short sale experience
– the buyers don’t always understand the process
– the entire process can take six times (or more) longer than a traditional sale

All that being said, I actually enjoy helping sellers sell their home via short sale in Western MA.

When people are in a tough spot they need a helping hand and they need someone they can trust. I try to be that person. When people are afraid or confused, they need guidance and patience and lots of empathy. I try to provide all of that. When people are experiencing the kind of financial hardships that lead up to pre-foreclosure, they need someone who understands their options, who can connect them with a team of legal and financial professionals and they need help. I give them all of that.

I do it for a number of reasons. I do it because I was once in their shoes. I do it because it is the kind thing to do. I do it because it helps in many ways: it helps them move on without going through foreclosure, it helps the neighborhood, it helps the lenders and it helps my community as a whole. I do it because I can and because I should.

Here is a video I took upon the closing of my last short sale in Westfield, MA

If you are in Massachusetts and need help with short sale advice, I am only a call 413-575-3611 or a click away. Please do not hesitate to reach out. I am here.

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