On storage areas and pantry when selling your Western MA home

Kitchen pantry staged for saleBelieve it or not, people open and explore every inch of a home for sale in Western Massachusetts and storage COUNTS.

Buyers who tour your Western MA home for sale will be opening every cabinet and closet to assess if the home holds enough storage for all of their stuff.

It may seem a bit overboard, but staging your storage spaces will make a better impression with the buyers.

Take the time to empty out pantries, linen closets and clothes closets and place items back in with an editorial eye.  Pretend you are setting up a closet for a retail store, only in your case it is the closet that is for sale, not the stuff inside!

You may want to consider storing some of what was in the closet and only placing essential items back inside so that the storage area seems more spacious.

kitchen storage is importantMake sure that the doors and drawers to storage areas can open easily with no fear of items falling out or blocking use.

Food pantries are not exempt from organization.  To take it one step further, a clean and well organized refrigerator is a big, help, too.  Yes, buyers will even open the refrigerator while on a home tour!

If you remember that the goal is to show off the home’s attributes and make it the best looking option in the price range, you will see how important the storage areas can be in getting a buyer to make you their best offer.

You know you want this closet

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