Waiting Until Spring to Sell? That may be the WORST thing you could do!

House for Sale in Spring

Are you waiting until Spring to sell your house in Westfield, MA or elsewhere? 

Let me tell you why this is a BAD IDEA:

#1 The rates haven’t been this good for years and it isn’t expected to last for long.  The buyers are looking to get into a home before the rates go up. Visit here for more mortgage information from a Western Ma based lender.

#2 The real estate market “IS” busier in the Spring, but that isn’t a good thing for sellers.  There are a lot more homes for sale, which means more competition for you.  This time of year you have a better chance of being the best home available. If you are unsure of the value of your home visit here.

#3 Buyers who are buying in the winter are serious buyers who have a real interest or need to move right away.  These buyers are ready to make an offer on the right house today.

#4 Home prices are not expected to go up in the next few months.  In fact, the trend for many areas shows that a gradual decline will continue.  Waiting may cost you $$ off your bottom line.

#5 Even if home prices elevate in the Spring, if you are making another purchase after this sale, THAT property will have raised in value, thereby removing any profit you gained. To calculate your next purchase ask me for a free analysis.

#6 Your REALTOR needs the business.  OK, ok…you say, so what if they do?  Well…they have a lot more free time to spend on your marketing right now.  Take advantage of their availability and reap the rewards!


If you have a house to sell in the Greater Westfield, MA area be sure to call:

Lesley Lambert, The Real Estate Natural at Park Square Realty

Lesley Lambert, The Real Estate Natural 413-575-3611


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