Short Sale Success – Seller Testimonial on Working with Short Sale Specialist, Lesley Lambert of Park Square Realty

Should I Short Sale My Home?I could tell you all about how hard I have worked to become knowledgeable and capable in the successful handling of a short sale in Western Massachusetts.

I could tell you, but you might not believe me.  You might think that I am simply using sale pitch or hubris to try to gain clients. 

Instead, I will tell you the story of my most recent short sale and then I will let my client tell you what she thought about the experience of working with me on her Western MA short sale.

My client, Kathy, lived in a Cape home in Westfield, MA.  She shared with her neighbor that she and her husband were divorcing and needed to sell the house, but were concerned because they were pretty sure they owed more on the home that it was currently worth.  The neighbor happened to be a friend of mine and she put the two of us together.

Instantly I could see that this sale would require not only kid gloves because of the high emotions (understandably) in place, but also would need persistence because it would certainly be a short sale and there were two lenders involved.  I worked with Kathy and her husband to put the right team of attorney and paralegals in place to help us navigate the short sale and we put the house on the market.

That was February 2013.  We got a very reasonable offer almost right away and by March 2013 we had the home under contract.  Now the short sale fun would begin….

Short sales always take longer than a traditional sale.  A traditional sale should take 45-60 days to complete.  Short sales in Western MA are usually about double that.  The buyers were ready to wait and the sellers understood the timeline and we began the seemingly endless paperwork.

Months ticked by….six months went by….nine months went by.  Finally in January of 2014 (after quite a few last minute problems) we were able to close on this Westfield, MA short sale.

This one was quite a bit longer than usual, but everyone hung in there and worked towards the sale of this short sale in Westfield, MA and we made it work!

Recently, I had a lovely handwritten testimonial note come to my office from Kathy.  This is what she had to say about working with me:

Westfield, MA Short Sale Testimonial on working with Lesley Lambert, Park Square Realty

“I had the longest short sale in history and every step of the way, Lesley was right beside me – always keeping in touch and giving me words of wisdom!  Lesley was really a blessing to find during a pretty emotional time in my life.  I’m so happy to call her my friend now as well as my real estate professional.  I look forward to working with her soon on my next purchase!”  – Kathy Jachym




It is an honor and privilege to work in a field where I am able to provide assistance in times of need.   I work tirelessly on all of my sales, whether they are a short sale or not, and am tenacious and determined to help my client’s reach their desired goals (I guess I couldn’t resist the urge to tell you after all!).

If you have a home to sell in Western MA, I would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your options.

Lesley Lambert, Short Sale Specialist and Western MA REALTOR with Park Square Realty 413-575-3611

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